Oct. 4th, 2010 08:07 am
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I'm still tired from this weekend.

The band did great after a VERY rough start. They were supposed to pull out on charter buses @ 10 AM on Saturday, but when I arrived to meet up with the carpool caravan to Tulsa, they were all still there and looking veeeery pissed. Come to find out, the charter company had taken down the wrong date and had no buses available for the day. Needless to say, we were all starting to stress, but after an hour or calling around for possible bus ideas, drivers and up to the contest to let them know what was going on.... we ended up sending the kids on a two plus hour drive on Yellow school buses. It was a veeery long trip. Once they got there, they had just enoguh time to get into their uniforms before they had to go to their assigned practice field and start working. Most of the kids hadn't been able to grab a bite since before they got to the band room earlier in the morning, so they were all starved once they'd finished prelims. Eating before 8am and then not until close to 5:30 does NOT make for happy teenagers.

That said, while the prelim show was a little shaky (due in no small part to rushing and stress) they earned a spot in finals. The finals show...

It was amazing. They played with passion and heart and really hit each and every set they were marching. The judges complimented them on how one of the smaller high level bands in the state was playing enough to make them seem like they were at least twice their size.

The evening (while freezing) was topped off with a top ten finish (YAY!) and high Marching and Maneuvering scores (we were third for those scores). We didn't end up walking into the apartment until after 2am Sunday morning, but it was so worth the tired dragging butt feeling the next day!

For all their bitching and moaning, the kids did a great job trying to keep themselves up and going even in the face of possibly not even getting to go. I think it was a good lesson for them to learn, especially the freshmen. Things happen, and not always in the good way. Learning to be adaptable is so very important.


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