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I love the holidays. I really do, but each year, more and more of the human race gets uglier during this time of year. Yes, I know I'm a little overweight, but that's no reason to tell your child, "go on, honey. You can cut in front of her in line. She's fat enough that I doubt they could see you behind her. You don't mind, do you, Miss Piggy?"

Fuck yes I mind, you cunt. First of all, call me Miss Piggy again and child or not, I'll clean your damn clock. Second, WHY in God's name are you talking like that to another human being in front of your CHILD? That's NOT the lesson she needs from her mom!

... I can't wait for the holiday to be over so people will chill the fuck out.

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.........what. the. fuck. How could anyone-- AUGH.

I'd have fucking punched that bitch out and only afterward thought about maybe not doing that. You have SO MUCH MORE control than I do, Christy. Holy shit.

*cuddles tightly* Outraged on your behalf. What the fuck is wrong with people?
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WHAT THE FUCK. How does a human being say that out loud? I hope her checks bounce, her credit cards get canceled, and she gets coal in her stocking.

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Wow. Just. Wow. That is just beyond rude.


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Oh my god, is this for real?!?! I can't believe people!! Jesus christ! This woman should get all kinds of bad karma. >T

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Bitch needs to be fucking pimp slapped.