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RIP Anne McCaffery
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Congrats Moore Band! Here's the prize winning show! )

I am so proud of Piper and the rest of the band. They placed 9th out of 64 bands here. What an amazing season! It's such an honor to have been able to help lay the foundation for such a respected and successful program, made even more special by the fact that my daughter is now a part of that same wonderful program.
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Fucking Torchwood.
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You do NOT pick up a turtle from it's natural habitat.
You do NOT handle the poor thing constantly to the point it never comes out of it's shell.
And most of all:

You do NOT put the poor thing on a LEASH when told you will stress it to death if you continue to handle it constantly!
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We're all safe, thankfully. It was a VERY close call, though.
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'we will not tire, we will not falter, and we will not fail.'

We might've missed the first two by a bit, but in the end, we didn't fail.

Regardless of party affiliation or dislike of current or former presidents, this is a night to remember. For some, a night to celebrate; maybe even a night to try and stifle old but freshly reopened wounds, but it will be a night to be remembered.

Mission accomplished.
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Piper: It's gonna be a long week. Man, I hate being a girl. >:(
Me: Me too. >:(
Piper: Hey, you know what we're going to be doing by the beginning of next week?
Me: What?
Piper: We're going to hop on our menstrual cycles and have a freakin' motocross!

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Data was retrieved on the PS3. Everyone cheered.

Then Christy got pissed at something in her game and ended up borking up the controller after she tossed it in a huff.

Yay. Go Christy.

PS: Still hate being a girl. Just in case you were wondering.
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.... my PS3 just dumped all the save data for ALL of the games stored on it. Final Fantasy XIII which was on new game plus. All the Assassin's Creed games (with top armor and stats... )

I think I want to cry.

PS: I hate being a girl. Just saying.
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Heeeey, anyone on here a fan of Glee that wouldn't mind looking at something for me? It'll just take a minute!
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Happy Valentines Day to all the lovely people on my Friend's List!
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Laundry day, then cooking a nice pork loin and rice for lunch. Sounds like a good start to the day.
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Thought for the day:

Oded Fehr is really really hot in V. Wow. Makes me wanna fight aliens.
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Is it stupid that I kinda want to pause the game I'm playing because I want to show Piper just where I'm at and what I'm doing?

It's not every day that your character can climb to the top of the Colosseum in an environment that was designed to be as historically accurate as possible.

It's so freaking pretty! The history buff in me caaaaaaame. XD
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Aaaaand now we have more snow. On top of the eight inches we had from Tuesday that hasn't melted off thanks to the frigid temps since then. More expected on Sunday as well, plus even more on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Okay, I love winter, but enough is enough.
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8 inches here, with 3 and 4 foot drifts. Sooo glad I'm stuck at home.

Why does everybody stock up on bread, milk, and eggs before a snowstorm? is there something about snow that makes people crave french toast?
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I'm alright after my tumble yesterday. A lot of bruising already, wrist is still a little swollen, plus sore as hell, but I'm alright.

Piper defended me last night on Facebook after some of my old 'friends' teased me about falling down the stairs. I have such a good kid. ^^


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