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Falling down stairs is a BAD thing.
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Wow. I am feeling completely unloved in the RP department here lately.
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... I want these. OMG, I want there so bad. Piper even wants one of them.

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Okay, my mind is in the gutter tonight. Piper's playing FF XIII and she was in the middle of a fight with Vanille. She said "OMG THEY'RE PECKING VANILLE TO DEAAAATH" and I thought she said PEGGING.
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There's nothing quite like that taste of mortality you get when you find out a good friend of yours from high school has died from a heart attack.

I feel really old today.
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4th Wall day at DDD! Spam away! All my pups will be on there at some point today, provided my teeth stop making my head huuurt.

Also, trying out a new pup there. I'm in the process of rereading a bunch of the Dresden Files books so maybe soon she'll be app-able!
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Okay, teenagers with boyfriends are insane. Just saying.
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Piper and I would like to wish all our friends a very Merry Christmas and the happiest of New Year's!

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A little Christmas Eve humor! Enjoy!


Dec. 22nd, 2010 10:44 am
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Now that I have everyone's attention, I just wanted to tell all my wonderful friends on here that I love them all and hope they're having a good day. If they're not, then that just means this is an e-hug and if I was there, it'd be a squishy hug instead.

♥ ilu all!
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Oh. I get it. I'm a complete idiot. Rules aren't there for you to follow, Piper. Right. I should know better. I mean, IDs are required at the school for safety purposes, but it's perfectly alright for you to keep your ID and lanyard tucked in your pocket. Silly me, I misunderstood. When it said 'student IDs must be worn on a lanyard and around the neck at all times', they were joking. I see.

Wow. I'm so glad you've just enlightened me that it's okay not to follow some rules. That means laundry won't be done for a few weeks, and whyever should I cook? Feeding you is a silly rule, too! Hm.... are Christmas presents a rule, too? If they are, it's SILLY!

There's nothing as brilliant as a teenager, folks. We should all learn from them and all the experience they've had in the world.

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Just a quick entry to show off a pic of Piper and her boyfriend, Max.
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OMG just kiss already!
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I can't wait! This is one of my favorite songs for the season and I adore these two!
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4th Wall days at Poly! If you want to troll my pups, here's Menolly's post and here's Ken's!

Troll away!
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Yaaaaaay! Piper comes home this afternoon!

Booooooo! I'm a little hung over!

But yaaaaaaaay, it was all worth it!
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Semis or not, the kids worked their butts off and they should be so very proud of what they've accomplished this season. As long as they marched the very best they could at that moment and left the field with no regrets, then not making semis shouldn't matter.

Piper, I'm so proud of you.
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They've just finished marching and are headed back to their hotel for much pizza and gossiping and telling of lies and horror stories. They were amazing!

I just found out Piper officially has her first boyfriend. He asked her earlier today.

God, I feel so old now.


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