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Just a quick entry to show off a pic of Piper and her boyfriend, Max.
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They've just finished marching and are headed back to their hotel for much pizza and gossiping and telling of lies and horror stories. They were amazing!

I just found out Piper officially has her first boyfriend. He asked her earlier today.

God, I feel so old now.
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Today is Piper's first big band competition. She's nervous, there's no doubt, but there's also no doubt of just how much she's changed since she started with the band. I still see glimpses of the lack of self-confidence and timidity, but now, those are rare. Now, she stands up for what's right. Her eyes are always lifted to the crowd when she's marching now, the confidence shining.

I'm so very proud of all of the kids. They're all amazing. They'll show Indy just what the Moore Band is capable of.

Be Beast, ladies and gentlemen.
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Well, it's officially the busy season for marching bands around here. Football game tomorrow night, followed by a major contest (Renegade Review) on Saturday two hours away from here. The ninth is a free weekend, but after that, it's either a contest WE host here (the Saturday after the 9th Oh God why is my brain not working ;_;) or the big statewide contest for bands in MHS' division (6A) which is in Tulsa again (OBA on Oct. 30th). After all that, they leave for Grand nationals on November 10th and won't be home until the 14th @ 1PM.

I always thought marching was hectic for the kids (I remember it all fondly) but it's a logistical nightmare for the boosters.

On a lighter note, I made the new icon all by myself with Gimp! Don't ask me how.. I just played with it... a LOT.

Also? Have some pictures of my girl marching!

Isn't she awesome? XD
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Oh, my dear friends. I have a question for you. Is fourteen too young to have a boyfriend? Piper informed me tonight that one of her closest guy friends asked her to be his girlfriend today. As a parent, it makes me feel very VERY old (askjdfhasdfh birthday next month ;_;). I've always said kids are allowed to do things at a much younger age than they should be able to, but I've known this young man for a long time now (Piper's known him for close to seven years now, and I'm friends with the family). Is it such a bad thing?
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I am NOT ready to deal with teenagers. OMG.
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Well, just got back from taking Piper to the neuro slash ophthalmologist to see what's up with her bum eye. For close to two months now, her right eye has been much blurrier than usual, and her vision has been tilted close to 45 degrees. We've been to several docs about this, from our primary care doc (who is wonderful, btw) all the way to the local optometrist. We ended up getting referred a month ago to the neuro. All in all, the appointment was a huge plus.

Up until now, all we ever heard was "her eyes are pretty close to perfect, if you don't count the astigmatism". Okay, while that's all well and good, we were wanting to know what's wrong so it can be treated. Well, today, we found out.

She has a cyst on her sinus cavity nearest her right eye. That, in turn, has been putting enough pressure on that eye to tilt it in its orbit. Now, it's been slowly getting better thanks to the cyst starting to recede (the tilt today was closer to 20 degrees instead of 45) so, after a long talk with the doc, we've decided to let things settle until early July to let the cyst try and resolve itself. If it doesn't, she'll more than likely need surgery to remove the cyst and possibly reset the eye.

It sounds pretty daunting, but honestly? We're relieved that we have answer finally, and it's something that can be fixed. I know Piper's relieved.

All in all, a good day.
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I don't even have the words to express what I feel right now.

emo emo emo. Can I go cut myself now? )
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Wow... it feels like it should be Friday, at least. ^^;

I don't feel good today. AT. ALL. That's all I'm gonna say about that.

Piper did great on her test for Goblet of Fire. She missed three out of twenty questions, so I'm pretty proud of her. she was chosen Student of the Month for her grade, so I'm taking her out to dinner as soon as we have a chance. If I let her choose where, she'll end up chosing Johnny Carino's or Steak and Shake. I won't argue with either one, so that's all good. XD She reading OotP right now, and I'm looking forward to seeing how she does with it.

A little more than a month and we get to go on a real vacation. We're dearly trying for a cruise, but I don't know if that'll happen. If not, I guess we'll go to Florida, but avoid the crazy family members there. Anyone have any other suggestions?

Anyway, back to laundry. Ick. Hate it.


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