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Some days, a heart just can't give anymore.

Goodbye, San. You'll be missed.

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It's been a roller coaster ride today. I talked to the detective this afternoon after [ profile] lilboxercrazee and I got back from lunch and he took some new info down about San's disappearance. He told me he was going to call, and most likely go to, the little punk's house. I asked him to keep me updated and he said he would.

I ran by the doc's office after work and found out my tests came out clean. No cancer, but I have severe cysts in both breasts and under one arm, which could remain problematic unless they're removed. I told him that I would be more than willing to have them removed, but it would be at least March before I could, barring an emergency. He gave me some info and I went home.

Fed Piper and get ready for martial arts, then hopped in the car a few minutes early because I wanted to run by and grab a coke or something before class. We drove up the street and, just as we were about to turn the corner, Piper said, "Mom, look! A turtle." I slow down and look and there sits a large turtle on the sidewalk, just looking around. Piper yells that she thinks it's San, and she hops out of the car and goes to look. The turtle looked up at Piper and walked to her, and Piper grabbed her and started crying, saying over and over, "it's her... it's her". I told her to get in the car, and we came home.

San is a bit banged up and quite a bit skittish, but she's not injured. She got a good soak and several pieces of her favorite treat (cantaloupe) and some good, quality floor time. Piper was so relieved, she kept crying. *blush* I have to admit, I cried too.

I'm so happy to be semi healthy (even if I need to lose weight ^^;;), to have my babies all together again, and to see my kiddo smile. It's been a long few days, and I appreciate every single person that spared a kind thought for us. *hugs*

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