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Oct. 1st, 2010 12:54 pm
muninsong: (Wolf-facepalm)
Phone: riiiing
Me: Hey.
Her: Hey, are you busy?
Me: getting ready to go to the parade. Why?
Her: I was wondering if you could take me grocery shopping. (she doesn't have a car)
Me: ... well, I would since I need to go, too, buuut I'm about to go to the parade since Piper's marching.

Her: Oh. What about tonight?
Me: ... it's Friday. She's marching tonight.
Her: ... okay?
Me: I'm going to the game to watch.
Her: Oh, okay. What about after?
Me: ........... we won't be out of the band room until close to 11 tonight.
Her: Okay. That's fine. ^^
Me: ..... no, it's not. We've got to be back at the band room at 8:30 tomorrow morning to head to Tulsa for Renegade Review (2+ hour drive counting on stops thanks to teenagers with teeeeny bladders.

Her: .... oh. Okay, well, what about tomorrow night?
Me: We're in Tulsa until after Finals, and that won't be over until at least 10:30.
Her: Well what about after that?
Me: We won't be HOME until close to 1:30 or so after we unload everything from the trip.
Her: That's fine.
Me: Hon, I love you and all, but I'm going to crash as soon as we walk in the house.

Her: ...... I guess I can wait until Sunday.

Yeah, I guess so.
muninsong: (FFVII-Reeve and Vincent-mrrgphcoffee nao)
Dear body,

Plz to stop being stupid and wonky. I know, middle age and all, but enough is enough.

Kindly go DIAF (but not).

No love,


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