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We're all safe, thankfully. It was a VERY close call, though.

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*hugs* Glad to hear it. No damage to your house or anything?

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Some hail damage to the car and tree limbs down, but I'm counting this one in the win category. It lifted less than three miles from my place. I watched it go overhead.

And Piper yelled at me for being outside to watch it. ^^;

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Pfft. I would've yelled at you for being outside! If I weren't outside watching it with you

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You know you would've been right beside me. XD

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Whew glad to hear it.

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As much as I love it here, I truly dislike spring when it means taking cover.

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Yeah I can't blame you. We're lucky here and we don't get near the amount of tornado activity you guys do but it's still scary when we do.

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Glad you and Piper are all right.

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Eek, so glad you're okay!

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Very glad to hear it!