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Aaaaand now we have more snow. On top of the eight inches we had from Tuesday that hasn't melted off thanks to the frigid temps since then. More expected on Sunday as well, plus even more on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Okay, I love winter, but enough is enough.

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Damn you're gonna need a bulldozer to get you out of the house

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I know! I need groceries and I can't go get them. I'm reduced to making cakes for breakfast thanks to Piper eating all the damn cereal.

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Is she a human garbage disposal right now?

Also? Cake for breakfast not sounding like a hardship, Babe. Just saying.

Dean would approve

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In all sorts of ways. She's plowed through the cereal, the bread, the peanut butter, one full milk.... you get my drift.

Hey, it's so very unhealthy and I'm fat enough! XD

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You poor thing. Feeding teenagers will break you.

Okay. Well I can sympathize with that even if Dean can't.

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I'll have my revenge. I'm making her cook today. ^^

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Cakes??? Pancakes??? I want some of both!!! I have been eating too nice lately!!!